Engagement and Events

NIST relies on and encourages robust interactions with companies, universities, nonprofits, and other government agencies in driving and carrying out its AI agenda.

There are multiple ways to engage with NIST, including:

  • NIST Conversations on AI

    Generative AI is the subject of the first two in a new series of NIST video interviews with leaders in AI to explore issues critical to improving the trustworthiness of fast-paced AI technologies.

    Part 1features Jack Clark, co-founder of Anthropic, and Navrina Singh, founder and CEO of CREDO AI, who are interviewed by Elham Tabassi, associate director for emerging technologies in NIST’s Information Technology Laboratory.

    In Part 2, Rishi Bomassani, a Ph.D. student at Stanford University, and Irene Solaiman, policy director at Hugging Face, are interviewed by Reva Schwartz, principal investigator, AI bias, at NIST.

  • Workshops

    NIST convenes experts for single day, multi-day, and multi-week sessions to tackle key characteristics of AI trustworthiness and other AI-related topics. All workshops are virtual for now and readily accessible. Most use online discussion forums to encourage two-way communications.

  • Public Working Groups

    Active participation in NIST public working groups ensures that many voices are being heard, and contributes to setting robust research directions, increased efficiency of research, and the acceleration of priority guidance for trustworthy and responsible AI efforts.

  • AI Visiting Fellows

    Accomplished Visiting Fellows bring thought leadership to foundational research for trustworthy and responsible AI, use-inspired AI research, AI hardware research, as well as AI related standards and evaluations conducted in NIST laboratories.

  • Student Programs

    NIST offers a range of opportunities for students to engage with NIST on AI-related work. That includes the Professional Research Experience Program (PREP), which provides valuable laboratory experience and financial assistance to undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students.

  • Grants

    NIST offers some financial assistance to support collaborative research including AI projects.