NIST is releasing “The Language of Trustworthy AI: An In-Depth Glossary of Terms”. This effort seeks to promote a shared understanding and improve communication among individuals and organizations seeking to operationalize trustworthy and responsible AI through approaches such as the NIST AI Risk Management Framework (AI RMF). The Glossary is being released in beta format as a spreadsheet, as approaches to visualize the relationships between and among these terms continues. A final glossary release will be launched at a later date.

The glossary, like the AI RMF, is non-sector specific and use-case agnostic, designed to be flexible for all organizations and sectors of society to use. A document describing the motivation and development of the glossary is also being released.

The goal of this common vocabulary is not to declare one specific meaning for identified terms, but to provide interested parties with a broader awareness of the multiple meanings of commonly used terms within the interdisciplinary field of Trustworthy and Responsible AI.

The Glossary is made available as a Google Sheet. It is available in multiple formats, as described below.

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