NIST AI Public Working Groups

On April 29, NIST released a draft companion resource to NIST’s AI Risk Management Framework (AI RMF) to help manage the risks of generative AI for public comment. Developed over the past year and drawing on input from the NIST generative AI public working group of more than 2,500 members, the guidance centers on a list of 13 risks and more than 400 actions that developers can take to manage them. Read Draft Document

NIST brings together AI practitioners, researchers, and other interested parties alike to better understand how AI technology may create impacts for individuals, organizations, communities, and the world. Broad and diverse points of view are the bedrock for trustworthy and responsible AI technology design, development, deployment, and use. Active participation in NIST public working groups ensures that many voices are included and empowered, and contributes to setting robust research directions, increased efficiency of research, and the acceleration of priority guidance for trustworthy and responsible AI efforts.

  • Generative AI Public Work Group (GAI-PWG)

    The GAI-PWG is no longer active. NIST thanks the wonderful volunteers that have contributed to its success.

    The NIST Generative AI Public Working Group was established in July 2023 to spearhead the development of a cross-sectoral AI RMF Profile for managing the risks of generative AI models or systems. This Profile will enable robust use of the AI Risk Management Framework to address the risks of this set of technologies. Over 2500 public volunteers participated in this effort to build out four program areas for the Profile:

    • Governance
    • Content Provenance
    • Pre-deployment Testing
    • Incident Disclosure

    The output of the GAI-PWG informed the development of a companion document to the NIST AI RMF for generative AI.