Crosswalk Documents

NIST AI RMF Crosswalks are produced by by NIST or other organizations and are intended to provide a mapping of concepts and terms between the AI RMF and other guidelines, frameworks, standards and regulation documents. Organizations are encouraged to submit crosswalks to NIST at for potential posting on this page. The below list includes crosswalks that have been submitted, reviewed and accepted to date.

  • Crosswalk Document List
    Document title Description Provider
    BSA Framework Crosswalk Between BSA Framework to Build Trust in AI and NIST AI Risk Management Framework BSA
    ISO-IEC-42001 NIST AI Risk Management Framework to ISO-IEC-42001 Crosswalk Microsoft
    FDIS23894 Crosswalk AI RMF (1.0) and ISO/IEC FDIS23894 Information technology - Artificial intelligence - Guidance on risk management (January 26, 2023) NIST
    OECD/EU/EO13960 An illustration of how NIST AI RMF trustworthiness characteristics relate to the OECD Recommendation on AI, Proposed EU AI Act, Executive Order 13960, and Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights (January 26, 2023)NIST